5. Patrick Mahomes continues on the right path.

What’s not to like here? You have an NFL team move up the draft to take a quarterback with upside and massive potential. They sit him down for a year to develop and soon after the season is done, his team believes in him so much that they send Alex Smith to Washington D.C. and give the keys to the kid–and he delivers on the hype. Not in some meek, conservative performance. He aired it out, he showed he was crafty and he beat a quality defense (minus its best pass rusher) in the process. 

6. The better that James Conner plays, the faster you’ll see Le’Veon Bell sign his tender.

Why? Because each week he is not on the field proving his worth, the lower his price will be when he tries to become a free agent. The NFL has a way of correcting itself when things get out of hand and while Bell deserves to get paid, he also turned down a lucrative deal that paid him well above and beyond what the second-highest running back contract. At the end of the day, the team plays with who is in the locker room and while it didn’t translate into a win, Conner won over a lot of his teammates with his play especially his coaches.