3. Khalil Mack makes the NFC North even tougher

Think a team has an easy matchup against the NFC North? Think again. The Vikings aren’t the only stout defense. The Bears defense was one of the best teams on third down last season and they got better and healthier AND THEN added Khalil Mack. We saw a taste of what he could do Sunday night against the Packers. If you think the Bears were going to be in the cellar, well, they won’t do without a fight. Because without Aaron Rodgers entering god-mode, the Bears would look like the upstart team in the division. They still might be.

4. Zeke Elliott owners have a long season ahead

Here’s how teams are going to gameplan the Cowboys. Until they can show they can pass the ball down the field, or learn how to pass like the Patriots, teams are going exploit the injuries on the Cowboys’ O-line. Yes, Elliott scored a touchdown, but he was held to just 69 yards. This was a very good defense the Cowboys faced in Carolina, but don’t be surprised if other teams look to shut them down in the same fashion moving forward.