Week 1 of the 2018 Fantasy Footballs Season flew by, about as fast as a Tyreek Hill touchdown pass! Here’s hoping that you are looking at more than just the bottom line of stats and box scores.

If you look between the lines and beyond the stats, what do your eyes tell you about the latest week of the season? Each week carries its own bit of valuable information. For example, how to set your lineup each week, when it’s time to improve a portion of your roster or perhaps when it’s time to cut someone loose before it’s too late. The following are observations that Ernie Estrella has made about the week that was, and how it will affect the weeks yet to come.

Here is What I learned in Week 1 of the 2018 Fantasy Football Season.

1. Tread lightly with Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers owners were quickly reminded the roller coaster of owning him. Yes, he mounted an incredible comeback victory on a quality Bears team but in one play he was sent back to the locker room to get checked out while the state of Wisconsin saw in one quarter of play, what took the Browns fans a whole season to find out that Deshone Kizer should not be anywhere but holding a clipboard. Rodgers could not put pressure on his left leg for the remainder of the game so one wonders if this will be something he can heal back in time or if it will lead to further injury. Hopefully Rodgers owners have a good backup on the roster.

2. I don’t know what in the world am I supposed to take away from the Saints/Bucs game.

As an owner of the Saints defense in one or two leagues, I was severely disappointed in the way New Orleans played defense. To give up over 40 points to the Bucs and Ryan Fitzpatrick was insane. I’m not ready to anoint Fitzpatrick the NFL MVP, because we’ve been fooled by his lack of consistency before. The man is capable of great games, but I’m nervous to send folks racing to the waiver wire chasing after waterfalls. At the same time, I don’t know what Marshon Lattimore was doing all game getting smoked repeatedly by Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson. The bigger question moving forward is, will Fitz play well enough to keep the starting job when Jameis Winston returns from suspension? If the eventual answer is yes, then we’ll all be believers of Fitz-Magic.