Week 8 of the 2018 Fantasy Football Season is done and it was a week of games decided by a kick, a few yards, and some poorly managed play calling.

If you look between the lines and beyond the stats, what do your eyes tell you about the latest week of the season? Each week carries its own bit of valuable information. For example, how to set your lineup each week, when it’s time to improve a portion of your roster or perhaps when it’s time to cut someone loose before it’s too late. The following are observations that Ernie Estrella has made about the week that was, and how it will affect the weeks yet to come.

Here is What I learned in Week 8 of the 2018 Fantasy Football Season, starting with the trades that will impact the following week(s).

1.Here today and gone tomorrow

The trades are coming fast and furious so look at your rosters before and after the trading deadline. Situations like Demaryius Thomas and Golden Tate being traded to WR-starved teams will help them. That creates a vacuum too for their former teams as Courtland Sutton is going to benefit in Denver and Marvin Jones Jr. will do the same in Detroit. Also note, Thomas is not Will Fuller. He no longer has the speed to be the burner to replace Fuller, but he will provide stability and be a healthy body who can provide DeAndre Hopkins some relief in coverage.

• Also, just in, Ty Montgomery’s last play for the Packers will be the kickoff fumble to deny Aaron Rodgers a chance to win the game. His role was greatly reduced with two young running backs platooning. The receivers have moved on with all of the injuries to the starters, to rookies. There was no reason to believe that Montgomery had a place on the Packers anymore, fumble or no fumble. As for the Ravens, we shall see what position they use him as they are stocked at receiver and running back.

• It’s interesting who the sellers are and the buyers are. For example, the Packers also sent CB Ha-Ha Clinton Dix to the Redskins and the Jaguars traded DE Dante Fowler to the Rams for two draft picks. It gives you a slight peek into where these teams believe they are.