9.Play it again, Sam

In the last two weeks, Sam Darnold has shown some of the flash that people are hoping for in a brighter future for Gang-Green. In his last two starts, Darnold has thrown five touchdowns to two interceptions. I’m impressed especially in this last outing as he completed 80.0 percent of his passes against the Colts who had been playing serviceable defense this season. This came after a week of completing just 45.5 percent of his passes, (10 total) for 198 yards and three touchdowns against Denver a defense who is revered as an elite squad.

He’s not throwing much, but he’s shown flashes of good efficiency. With Robby Anderson and the run game drawing the attention, Darnold went to Jermaine Kearse, Terrelle Pryor and yes, tight end Chris Herndon. If this motley crew can keep producing, look for Anderson’s coverage to loosen.

10.Score a touchdown? Nevermore

It won’t show up in fantasy stats but there’s an impressive streak that’s happening in Baltimore. Their defense has not allowed a second half touchdown through the first six weeks. Something to think about moving forward as they lock everything down at halftime. So score early against the Ravens, as the opportunities will disappear as the clock ticks down.