5. Money doesn’t buy you as much as it used to.

The Raiders spent over 100 million dollars to get Jon Gruden out of the press box and on their sideline again. His team is 1-5. Odell Beckham signed a $95 million extension and they are 1-5. Andrew Luck is making 24.4 millions just this year and his team is 1-5 and just lost to the Jets. The Steelers have withstood Le’Veon Bell‘s contract threats and holdout. Oh and Aaron Rodgers, the highest paid player in the NFL headed into the Monday Night game at 2-2-1. No team is one player and the amount of money spent is no guarantee for success, it’s always how it’s spent. But sometimes we wonder how different teams manage their money.

6. Fools Rush In

Latavius Murray finally broke the dought of rushing touchdowns for the Vikings, but let’s not inflate this performance. Murray ran the ball 24 times for 155 yards and one score but the Cardinals have allowed seven different running backs score in the first six weeks of the season. It honestly came down to who was healthy for the Vikings to run the ball. There are still problems along the Cardinals run defense. A week prior, they allowed the three 49er running backs to rack up 239 total yards. Before everyone rushes to try and get Murray in their roster, consider what the Vikings have done so far in the run game and what Murray will do once Dalvin Cook gets healthy.

And a bonus one is Chargers WR Tyrell Williams, who had three catches for 118 yards and two touchdowns. Prior to Week 6, Williams was targeted a total of 19 times, pulled in 13 of them for 192 yards and scored his lone touchdown back in Week 1.