3.Bear(s) Down the field

The last time we had a “Who knew they had it in them” segment we were talking about the Bears in Week 4 when they rolled up the Bucs. Let’s be aware of one thing that’s definitely happening. Mitchell Trubisky to Taylor Gabriel is becoming a real thing. In this up tempo offense seen in the last two games, Gabriel as converted 12-of-12 passes for 214 yards and two touchdowns. Trust is a huge thing for a young quarterback so if you believe that Trubisky is on an upward trajectory, Gabriel has to ascend too. Also, for the second straight week, Cohen has led the team in targets and has 14 receptions, off 17 targets for 211 yards and one touchdown.

4. Who knew they had it in them, Part II?

If you were to sift the Cowboys of its playmakers, three players would not fall through the holes: Ezekiel Elliott, Das Prescott and Cole Beasley. The three of them decided to strap the offense on their backs and found holes in this Jaguars defense, and made them look silly. It’s been a long time since we saw Beasley get this kind of work but he converted 9-of-11 targets for 101 yards and two touchdowns. When Prescott couldn’t find him he handed it off to Elliott or kept the ball himself and took the Jaguars to town. It brought a different dynamic to the offense.

However, one wonders if the Jaguars require fixing. The Cowboys didn’t cumulatively score 40 points until Week 4 and scored just 86 total points before Week 6. The key difference here is Beasley’s 101 yards and when the Cowboys were clicking a few years back, he was used in the way that’s similar to Julian Edelman in New England. Dallas has just never had to anchor a passing attack around that sinking and dunking. Honestly though, the two-minute drill is where they’ve been most effective.