5. You cannot stop, Patrick Mahomes. You can only hope to contain him.

Unless you’re in a touchdown-heavy league, or if your quarterbacks don’t score much for yards, then you were pleased at the outcome in Kansas City if you had Mahomes starting against the Jags defense. I advised against it because I felt he would fall short of expectations, and he didn’t give you much unless your league is generous with yardage points. Still, you have to be encouraged what he did against Denver, and then to follow up with this performance against Jacksonville, two of the top five defenses in the league, shows what this kid can do.


6. Ride those highs and lows.

The ups and downs of an NFL kicker are painful and cruel at times. There’s not a fantasy position that’s more fickle than kickers. The fact is, that a really good kicker is a blessing, because sometimes streaming kickers can be exhausting. When you have a good one, whether that’s a veteran or a rookie, you hold on for dear life and let him do his consistent work.

So I’m asking Mason Crosby owners to hold onto him. Yes, he missed four field goals and an extra point. Yes, he’s the reason why the Packers lost to the Lions, but more often than not, he’s going to make most of those and he’s going to be in position to convert many more. With Aaron Rodgers not 100 percent, plenty drives in the future are going to be capped off with Crosby’s kicks and this is a team that lives in the red zone.

The chances are going to keep occurring, with all the injuries they’re taking. So don’t beat Crosby up, because he’ll bounce back and have a big game, as all good kickers do. Just look at what happened in Carolina when Graham Gano, who had been having a quiet season, nailed a 63-yard winner to tie an NFL record. With his four field goals, three from beyond 40 yards, he scored up to 20 points in some leagues. Don’t cut Crosby.