7. Seahawks and Cardinals are not that far off

If they were watching the Seahawks narrowly get past the Cardinals, 49ers fans have to be lamenting Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury even more. The Cardinals are 0-4 but there’s not much that separates them and the 2-2 Seahawks. Rookie QB Josh Rosen nearly pushed his team to victory if not for a missed field goal by Phil Dawson. He outplayed Russell Wilson who did get Doug Baldwin back in the mix, but struggled to move the ball, throwing just 172 yards with no scores. Meanwhile Rosen couldn’t get Larry Fitzgerald the ball again and while David Johnson scored again, his 3.3 yard average is a career low (not counting his abrupt 2017 campaign) by nearly a full yard. No one is challenging the Rams in the NFC West and it could be like that for the next three to four years.

8. Don’t forget in Week 5…

Saints RB Mark Ingram comes back. These insane box scores by Alvin Kamara could take a hit if Ingram gets 30-50 percent of the carries back. There’s no question of if Kamara could keep this pace up as the feature back. The question is whether or not you want to risk injury to Kamara by giving him so many touches, which is probably why we’ll see Ingram slowly creep back into the picture. However, if the offense struggles at any point, the Saints should not hesitate to put Kamar in there full-time.

Other impact players returning from suspension in Week 5.

• Ravens Cornerback Jimmy SmithC.J. Mosley returning helped the defense get back to normal this past Week 4, but getting Smith will help stabilize the secondary of a solid defense even more.
• Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman – The receiver position has been in flux in New England for all of September. There hasn’t been anyone that’s stood out above the rest. With Gronk being in and out of the lineup, someone has to step up. For those that stashed Edelman, he’ll be one to target in the flex.
• Bengals Linebacker Vontaze Burfict – Getting Burfict back will assist in the run game and keep the Bengals defense get off the field.

9. Times running out for James Conner

This is technically Week 5 News as it came out Monday but ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler is reporting that Le’Veon Bell is expected to report during the Steelers’ Week 7 bye. It may take him a week or two to get roped back into the offense, and who knows what that will do to an already tumultuous locker room, but Bell is going to give owners the boost they’ve needed since the season started. Meanwhile, Conner owners should wait to see how it all shakes out. He may still have a role, and there’s always a risk of Bell coming in out of game shape and getting injured.