6. The Falcon has landed

Fantasy players have waitied for years for Mohamed Sanu to be that threat opposite of Julio Jones. Instead, rookie WR Calvin Ridley has emerged as the big time receiver to finally take that mantle with a three touchdown performance. Drafting rookies in fantasy is tough because it takes a few weeks, sometimes months for them to show whether or not they’ll be contributors and owners who may have had the foresight to draft Ridley probably dropped him in the early weeks.

Ridley fell out of sorts in the rotation and with early surprises like DeSean Jackson or Phillip Lindsay, it’s easy to see why owners may have bailed. Now look for the waiver wire to heat up for the Falcons’ rookie receiver. If you have FAAB money to spend, spend it big, because defenses will continue to pick their poison and choose the rookie over Jones. Julio owners must sit tight, because when Ridley, a potential, prototypical WR1, begins to draw attention, Jones starts to get single coverage.

7. Oak No!

After the first half of the Raiders-Dolphins game you would have thought the Derek Carr but he stalled in the red zone leaving the Raiders short. For the third-straight game, this offense failed to reach 21 points. Amari Cooper disappeared again after encouraging his owners in Week 2. He was facing a tough matchup that was good enough to avoid. WR2 Jordy Nelson had better success, catching Dolphins DB Minka Fitzpatrick sleeping a few times, but Miami made halftime adjustments. In the last two games, the Raiders have held the lead to start the fourth quarter but allowed the other team to creep up and over take them in the fourth. Those are hard habits to break if they continue. It also shows they can’t score on demand, in a two-minute drill.