2. Not just another Browns quarterback

I don’t want to intentionally discount the performance by Baker Mayfield but the fact is that the Jets were playing their 3rd game in 10 days, and it was, well, the Jets. Let’s be reasonable. I get it though. After 635 days without a win, you cannot find many disparaging remarks about this debut. Baker looked calm, engaged, even when he wasn’t playing, and was fast and decisive with his throws. He didn’t even take any first team reps. Going forward it appears Mayfield will be named the starter–not a surprise there. If you happened to catch the game, he runs a fast-paced offense that could be huge for players like Jarvis Landry, David Njoku and now Antonio Callaway. The preseason excitement around these players, including Carlos Hyde seem to be realized for the first time with Mayfield in the game. Let’s see what he does, now that he has practice time with the first team and what his first start will look like. To Browns fans, there was something different about him, a confident, hopeful feeling that Mayfield’s story is going to be different than the 30-some that came before. For fantasy owners though, he’s a stash and grab in deep redraft leagues, and for dynasty leagues, he’s well worth the long investment.

3. Are you Joshing me?

• Not to be completely outdone by Mayfield was Josh Allen in his second start in the NFL, pulling off possibly the biggest upset of Week 3. Allen wasn’t special through the air, but he managed to make the Bills’ offense look competent, despite no LeSean McCoy. Allen showed off his strong arm and perhaps more importantly, his athleticism outside of the pocket. His 196 passing yards was nothing to write home about, but Allen’s 10 rushes for 39 yards and two rushing touchdowns flipped the script on a season where hope was quickly vanishing.

• As for the other rookie QB named Josh, Josh Rosen, was brought in to try and deliver a game-winning drive after the Bears took it away, literally. Sam Bradford was worthless in the first two games too. Perhaps Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks realizes this morning that throwing a rookie to the Bears without any first-team reps would tarnish an awkward debut, but we’ll see where the team goes from here and if Rosen gets to start Week 4.