Week 2 of the 2018 Fantasy Footballs Season flew by, about as fast as a Pat Mahomes blitzkrieg! Here’s hoping that you are looking at more than just the bottom line of stats and box scores.

If you look between the lines and beyond the stats, what do your eyes tell you about the latest week of the season? Each week carries its own bit of valuable information. For example, how to set your lineup each week, when it’s time to improve a portion of your roster or perhaps when it’s time to cut someone loose before it’s too late. The following are observations that Ernie Estrella has made about the week that was, and how it will affect the weeks yet to come.

Here is What I learned in Week 2 of the 2018 Fantasy Football Season.

1. Pat Mahomes is so filthy that people want to know who the Chiefs’ third receiver is.

First of all, his name is Chris Conley and no, it’s not worth pursuing. Yes, he scored a touchdown and yes, he’s caught all of his targets. But he’s been targeted three times for a total of 32 yards. Now to the greater conversation, the Chiefs are just toying with their opponents, scoring an average of 40.0 points per game and it doesn’t matter to them that their defense is hot garbage. They’re basically telling teams, you’ll have to score five touchdowns to have a chance at beating us, can you do it? The Chargers weren’t up to the task and the Steelers woke up too late. We’ll see what the Chiefs are made of when they play the Broncos on the road, come home to play the Jaguars, and then go to New England to face the Patriots. That’s a three-game stretch that will show just how bad Mahomes and company are, and maybe by then, Sammy Watkins will score a touchdown.

2. The Art of Kicking has gone wide left.

Remember when kickers used to be the most secure positions in the league? Now, outside of a small handful, kickers are changing uniforms and conferences with regularity. After three games were decided by the failings of their kickers, two would lose their jobs in former Browns kicker Zane Gonzalez and rookie Daniel Carlson who is now formerly of the Minnesota Vikings. Gonzalez missed two extra points and two field goals against the Saints and had his game-winning attempt in Week 1 blocked. He was replaced by undrafted free agent Greg Joseph. Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein injured his groin during pregame warmups and the Rams were forced to sign Sam Ficken. So it appears that Greg the Leg is going to miss some games, not that it mattered since the Rams kept scoring two-point conversions with Todd Gurley. Back to the Vikings though who may have landed hit the lottery though, upgrading from Carlson to Dan Bailey who is one of the best kickers in NFL history that was out there without a team through two weeks of the season.