It’s way too early in the season to be looking at the 2019 NFL draft that will take place in Nashville Tennessee from April 25-27. But what kind of die-hard football fans would we be if we didn’t? Assessing favorite teams’ needs and how to fill in those blanks with fresh young talent is always a great mental exercise. According to the review, a top NFL and college football betting sites like Bovada still haven’t released NFL Draft odds, but we are starting to get a pretty good idea of who some of the top first-round candidates are.

Nick Bosa, Ohio State

Widely considered the most dominant player in college football, Nick Bosa has the talent to be the number one pick overall, but due to needs, it’s more team like the Buffalo Bills would take him early on in the first round. The Bills are dead-center in the middle of a full-on rebuild and could use the help of the young and unstoppable edge rusher. The Raiders look like they may be on their way to an early pick and they are sans one Khalil Mack, so you better bet that Jon Gruden has his sights set on Bosa as well.

Nick Bosa recently underwent a ‘core muscle’ surgery as a result of the lower abdominal strain that saw him exit Ohio State’s showdown against TCU early. However, the surgery doesn’t seem to be hurting his draft stock, and most scouts and experts are calling his sidelining injury nothing more than a hernia and are not worried about any long-term negative impact.

Justin Herbert, U. of Oregon

The University of Oregon QB’s draft stock is on the rise. The 6’6, 235-pound phenom is solidifying his place as the top quarterback available in the 2019 draft class. Pro Football Focus is projecting Herbert to be the #1 pick overall. While he isn’t the best player overall, he is emerging as the best QB.

The Redskins are likely to chase after a young star with loads of potential like Herbert. Washington could be an excellent place for him to land. Being groomed under the tutelage of an exceptional veteran such as Alex Smith would be a great way to work his way into the league. The Giants and Chargers are two other teams that may make moves to snatch up the Duck, as both Eli and Philip are standing in the shadow of retirement.

Ed Oliver, U. of Houston

It would be surprising if Ed Oliver didn’t get picked up in the top two or top three overall. He has made his intentions clear. He plans on declaring for the draft and any team in the NFL that needs some help on their defensive line would be lucky to have Oliver among their ranks. Like Bosa, many consider the defensive lineman out of Houston to be the best defensive player in college football. But where will he land?

The Cardinals and the Colts would both benefit greatly by adding Oliver, and whichever of these two teams that get the first crack at the defensive tackle will most likely take him.

Greg Little, Ole Miss

Ole Miss currently boasts perhaps the best left tackle in NCAAF. And even though we already talked about the Cardinals possibly taking Ed Oliver and the Bills possibly going after Nick Bosa, both of these teams could use a run-blocking, pass-protecting beast like Greg Little.

Josh Rosen is taking over in Arizona, and right now he doesn’t have top-tier blindside protection. That said, neither does Josh Allen over in Buffalo. The Browns are also lacking protection on the left side for their new franchise-man, Baker Mayfield, so we could see them in the mix as well. Regardless of where he goes, Little won’t stay on the board for long