Chicago Bears Team Defense vs. New York Jets

With all of the rookie quarterbacks, you always have three or four options to see if you can stream and take advantage of the matchup. It’s seems like a cutthroat move but that’s fantasy football, folks. Nice guys finish last. Now, you do have to be careful as it can bite you. As the owners who tried to stream the Lions, Broncos or Colts when they played the Jets. Now, otherwise, it’s been a good move to stream against the Jets. They’ve four games where they were held under 20 points, Sam Darnold is still throwing interceptions and they’re averaging as a team nearly 1.0 lost fumbles each game. I know the Bears have had two bumps in the road and it’s hard to explain the Week 6 loss to the Dolphins and giving up 31 points and the Patriots make every defense look bad. But we’ll see the return of the Bears defense that we saw in Weeks 1-4