Green Bay Packers Teams Defense at Los Angeles Rams

Like the Chiefs, the Rams are buzzing through their schedule and have won the first half of the regular season on the NFC side. Aaron Rodgers and company know what that’s like, to be a heavyweight offense in every game. While the Packers’ offense will come to play, their defense doesn’t have anyone who can stop the momentum once it starts. As good as the Packers’ D can look at times, their best game was shutting out a lowly Bills team in Week 4, that is as bad as the Cardinals. Their other “good” fantasy outing came against the Vikings in a 29-29 tie, but only because they scored a touchdown. Take that Bills game out of the equation and the Packers don’t get to the quarterback often enough, they don’t dominate the takeaway game, and they don’t have enough outstanding players to withstand the firepower of the Rams. By the way, the Packers get the Patriots in Week 9. Most weeks, the Packers’ team defense will get you through, it might even be enough to help win you a few games, but it’s not.a fantasy defense that should be kept when it’s clearly outmatched.