Selecting which of your players to start in the right weeks will help you achieve success in the season. The Bruno Boys are here to help you with those crucial decisions, consider the tough matchups and warn you when your studs are facing defensive assignments that should temper your expectations. 

Here are your Week 10 Fantasy Football Kickers to Sit.

Dustin Hopkins, Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You can sense when things are clicking and things are not for an offense and right now the Redskins’ struggles are apparent. When facing a juggernaut offense like Atlanta last week and the Saints back on October 8, the Redskins do not have enough firepower in the artillery to compete. They can grind it out against most teams, and their health at receiver has hampered them all year, but Tampa Bay is a team that could go either way. They’ve certainly got enough at each position to put up 40 points, but it is dependent on whether there’s still magic left in the hat. They’re a one-dimensional team that can give the Redskins problems, and if they can get a two or three possession lead by the third quarter, Alex Smith isn’t going to be able to bring them back quick enough to relegate Hopkins to extra point duty.

As I’ve said repeatedly every season, look for kickers who can get at least the opportunity to kick three field goals in a single game. If his offense can’t do that for him, then he’s not worth the roster spot. Hopkins has had three or more attempts in a single game, just three times all season. He’s been in some good matchups too, but I worry that the Bucs could ride a streak of offense where Washington can’t keep up.