Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns vs. Los Angeles Chargers

If you can stomach his rookie mistakes and 59% completion percentage , Mayfield offers a really intriguing alternative if you’re looking for a short-term streamer for your roster. He’s got a great matchup against the Chargers, who continues to be without Joey Bosa. That’s affected their defense just enough that’s allowed quarterbacks to be comfortable enough to average 284.2 passing yards and 2.2 touchdowns per game, against them. Now back to Mayfield, plenty of those uncompleted passes are throw-aways and let’s not forget all the drops the Browns had against the Raiders and Jets. The strengths and weaknesses of the Chargers plays into Mayfield having a fantasy-worthy start. Also, an interesting side note: it should be two straight weeks with Mayfield because he’ll play the poor pass defense of Tampa next.