Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals

It took the Arizona Cardinals three weeks to score 20 points, total. There’s no faulting any specific skills player. Josh Rosen is going to find out what everyone else knows. The offensive line has a lot of holes and while it took three weeks to see the sacks pile high, they’ve been on thin ice since Week 1. The pressure turned into four turnovers in Week 3, along with four sacks, it erased whatever good will the Cards build by halftime. The Seahawks are not a defense no one longer fears but getting Earl Thomas back helped, seriously, it helped out a lot and to its credit, Seattle’s D has forced eight turnovers to go along with eight sacks on the season. It’s doing better than most thought and they have their best matchup until maybe Week 13. So if you’re going to stream the Seahawks, there’s no better time than Week 4. – Ernie Estrella