Case Keenum, Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

Last week, Keenum showed that 2017 wasn’t just a fluke. He’s got good pieces around him and truthfully, it might be proof that Seattle’s defense is no longer the feared intimidator that it once was after all its impact personnel gone. So the takeaway from that game is that Keenum has been set up to succeed. They’ve manufactured a way to run the ball, which allows for balance and play action passing to be run effectively. Keenum has his share of mistakes too, let’s be honest, but overall it’s an encouraging sign that he’s at least worth streaming, but could turn into a starter you can count on to at least utilize receivers like Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. That’s something we haven’t been able to say about Bronco quarterbacks since Peyton Manning retired. He’s got a good matchup to see if he can keep it going with the Raiders, who after looking like a lion in the first half, finished the Monday night game like lambs. – Ernie Estrella