Austin Hooper, Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers

Like Seals-Jones, it’s all about finding tight ends that owners can stream and have the chance at scoring some points. Hooper didn’t get the points we thought he would last week, but he’s got another great matchup against another AFC Central. The Steelers do have weaknesses in their pass coverage and these days, one of them is the tight end and everyone they play sees it. Tight ends are seeing 10.5 targets per game, the highest average of any defense. Their allowance of 7.5 receptions is also the highest average of any defense. If that holds for Week 5, Hooper would be getting action that’s as high as he’s received this season. It the Steelers’ attention is pulled at Atlanta’s receivers, Hooper should get the targets he needs to convert into points. – Ernie Estrella