Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

The Titans are riding a two-game win streak having just defeated the Cowboys on the road and the Patriots at home. They held both teams to a total of 24 points, and racked up eight sacks. Now Indy is not going to be an easy game for them. We’re talking about a team led by Andrew Luck whose offense is averaging 35.5 points over the last four games. They just dismantled the Jaguars last week, so why the Titans, why now? I’m willing to bet the Colts will be unable to keep their four-game streak of no sacks going. While I don’t believe the Colts can be held down all game, the Titans have kept some of the better offenses under 24 points including the Chargers, Ravens, Eagles, Texans and again, the Patriots. The best any team has done against them is the Dolphins in Week 1 and the defense was still able to score double-digit fantasy points against them because of special teams play.