New England Patriots Team Defense at Chicago Bears

At 4-2, the Patriots appear to have righted the ship and are back on course as the team to beat in the AFC. The two times where they’ve been soundly defeated have come on the road where there averaging 15.0 points per game. With Sony Michel healthy, Gronk is healthy (for the meantime) and Julian Edelman back the offense is healthy, but the defense has remained the same. On the road, they’ve allowed nearly 29.0 ppg and they still don’t have a good pass rush. Meanwhile, the Bears have been tough for opposing defenses to score against. In the first three games, the Bears were not scoring 20 points and Mitchell Trubisky was getting sacked a ton. In the last two games they’ve managed to keep that under control, the scoring has been turned up with the offense raising the tempo and Trubisky has taken care of the ball. As long as the running backs keep the ball secure, the Bears will be tough to keep their scoring down.