Chicago Bears Team Defense vs. New England Patriots

Averaging nearly 30 points per game, including nearly 40 in just the last three games alone, the Patriots are going to be a tough matchup, even for a defense like the Bears. New England’s offensive line has given up just eight sacks in six games while the offense has only had four fumbles and six picks. I’d still like the Bears chances if Khalil Mack was 100 percent. He’s not going to miss Sunday’s game as Mack has yet to miss a game in his career, but since it’s an ankle injury, that’s going to affect his ability to swim and spin past the Patriots’ tackles to get to Brady. Mack was noticeably ineffective last week against the Dolphins and it impacted the rest of the defense too. Already in a bad matchup, it’s best to play another defense and save the Bears D for when they’re at full strength.