Selecting which of your players to start in the right weeks will help you achieve success in the season. The Bruno Boys are here to help you with those crucial decisions, consider the tough matchups and warn you when your studs are facing defensive assignments that should temper your expectations. 

It’s playoff season now and we’re going to look to minimize the risk in our recommendations, while looking for big point potential, but still, staying in that range of the tougher decisions. Here are your Week 16 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Start.

Russel Wilson, Seattle Seahawks vs. Kansas City. Chiefs

The Seahawks are aiming to ground and pound again but against this defense they don’t have to. We all know that Wilson is capable of doing it all and strapping the Seahawks on his back. It’s very possible that they come out doing the opposite of what’s expected. Look, the Chiefs have allowed four straight quarterbacks to toss multiple scores against them for a total. of 11 touchdowns in that span. Here’s the thing, the Chiefs are planning to gun it, with Pat Mahomes needing a win to to stand alone in the AFC West. Meanwhile, Wilson needs the win too to secure a playoff berth. It will take at least 24-30 points to put away the Chiefs, so this game has serious implications and incentive for points to be scored.