Jason Myers, New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Each week I try to find some unconventional matchups that could birth a big streaming week and Myers is always one of those candidates but if I may be honest here, it’s a big risk, big reward scenario. If you look at the Jets’ 3-5 record, in the three they won, they scored at least 34 points to win. In all of their losses, the Jets failed to score more than 17 points. Yet, Myers has been a sturdy, stable ship, this year, averaging 10.2 points per game but that’s a little misleading since those three wins drove up his scoring average.

Now in leagues rewarding long-distance kicks, over their first eight games, the Dolphins have been able to keep just two kickers under eight points. They’ve allowed a league-high five 50+ yard field goals and that’s an fast way for a kicker to get halfway to 10 points. From there it goes to how good and how often the Jets can get across into the red zone area. Hence, the climate that could produce a streamer in Myers this week.