Ka’imi Fairbairn, Houston Texans, at Washington Redskins

Statistically Fairbairn has the worst matchup of the week as opposing kickers are averaging under 5.0 fantasy points against the Redskins but if I’m a Fairbairn owner, I’d test out just how good the Texans offense is these days with a retooled receiving corps and Deshaun Watson playing well, I am willing to bet the Texans are in position to score four to six times against the Redskins. Fairbairn has the distance to go far if he needs to and he might have to, if the Redskins defense is this legit. I think they can get overwhelmed and that even if they’re able to stuff all of the Texans’ weapons in the red zone, Fairbairn is there to clean it up.