Pro football is inching closer to the midway point in the season, set to kick off week number seven Thursday night. The NFL football rankings usually change just slightly from week to week. However, as we approach the halfway point on the schedule, the NFL power rankings gradually become clearer. Let’s discuss how the current rankings look heading into week seven.

The Preseason Outlook Was?

A bunch of pro football prognosticators had a short list of four teams, flip-flopped in different orders to make up the top of the rankings. Minnesota was a colossal favorite, followed by New Orleans, New England and the LA Rams. Pittsburgh, Jacksonville and the defending Super Champion Eagles nudged their way into some NFL football rankings top 5.

Collectively, the Patriots were hard to dismiss as still the best team in the AFC. However, a loss to those same Jacksonville Jaguars began to create some doubters. Pittsburgh kicked off their 2018 season by playing to a 21 all tie with the Browns. Yes, the Steelers tied the Browns.

Philly is showing some true signs they might have the dreaded Super Bowl hangover. The Eagles are playing .500 football after six games, but thankfully no one else in the NFC East is playing any better. The Vikings are at .500, as too are the Steelers. Even New England has tacked a two into their loss column already.

The “other team in LA” was a fashionable pick to challenge for the AFC title, but the Chargers have lost twice already as well. In fact, every team in the AFC has no less than two losses, except of course for a pair of divisional leaders. Funny thing is, neither of these teams made most top ten preseason NFL power rankings.

The Week 7 Reality Is?

So, what we have learned after six weeks of games is that New England and Philadelphia both have been proven vulnerable. The Vikings are having growing pains with a new starting quarterback, and Pittsburgh is actually in last place in their division after five games. However, a few teams who warranted preseason ranking mentions are taking care of business.

The Week 7 reality is that the Rams are good, maybe very very good. New Orleans is proving themselves to be more than a default pick from the NFC South division. And what about the top two records in the AFC? That honor belongs to the one-loss Kansas City Chiefs.

Albeit, it the NFL football rankings might have been hard-pressed to stick a team in the top five that was initiating a first-time quarterback. As the Bengals, well Cincinnati is starting to look like one of those rare teams we witness about every season, who just can’t seem to lose. While they might not have the talent of last year’s Eagles team, there are growing similarities.

The Chiefs may have built themselves the most solid resume. Three of their five opening season wins are against other highly rated teams in the NFL power rankings.

Collectively in most people’s eyes, currently the best team in pro football is the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams have pounded the teams they should have beaten, plus knocked out a pair of those aforementioned preseason darlings.

The picture will become even clearer if they navigate their way through Denver and San Francisco on a three-week road trip, returning home to The Coliseum to welcome the Packers. The road ahead for the Rams also includes a trip to New Orleans, followed by a home date with Kansas City two weeks later.

Three out of the Ram’s last five games are on the road, but at this juncture they all appear to be winnable games. Their one big challenge down the stretch will be in Los Angeles against the defending Super Bowl Champs.

The reality of the current NFL power rankings is that the Rams deserve every bit of their highly-touted status. New Orleans, as usual, can and will score points; a lot of points. Kansas City is proving themselves to be equally prolific on offense. However, unbeaten is the true reality, so an LA – KC battle at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta has to be considered a possibility.

The Cincinnati Bengals are materializing as that team that just seems to win no matter what. So, when records and performance are tossed into a blender, these are four teams surfacing as contenders, two in each conference. But, then again, we are only entering Week 7.

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