Having passed on receiver at pick 14 overall, the Niners moved up from 31 to 25 to select Arizona State receiver Brandon Aiyuk. Big on speed and elusiveness, Aiyuk specializes in yards after the catch and big plays. While he’s not a tall receiver, standing short of six feet, Aiyuk has an 81-inch wingspan. Aiyuk had a breakout season in 2019 with eight touchdowns and 1,192 yards. Again, he’s a big play specialist as seen in his 18.3 YPC average.

Fantasy Spin:

The Niners found gold in Deebo Samuel last year, and they’re hoping they did it again with Aiyuk, who was the last of the receivers who had a first round grade in the 2020 Draft.

With Emmanuel Sanders gone, Samuel and Aiyuk will be the top talents along with Dante Pettis and Kendrick Bourne. There’s room for movement here, but we’ll see if Aiyuk has the ability to move up the depth chart quickly.