Heading into the 2018 NFL season, many people are getting excited about where their favorite team will rank among the NFL elite. While there are many teams that have a great chance at making it to the playoffs, there are others that appear to be headed for a season of struggles. Overall, the NFL power rankings coming out now show that there are several teams that could be very interesting to follow.

New Orleans Saints

At the top of the NFL power rankings sit the New Orleans Saints, who won 11 games this past year but appear set to move up the ladder. The Saints will once again be led by veteran quarterback Drew Brees, who continues to look good despite being one of the oldest players in the league. Brees will also have a whole new set of weapons, including Cameron Meredith, to join an already very explosive offense. The Saints were one big play away last year from making the NFC Championship Game.

New England Patriots

Number two in the power rankings are the New England Patriots, which have been one of the best teams in the league for more than 15 years. In that time, Tom Brady has continued to lead a very good offense no matter who is on the team. While they looked like favorites going into the Super Bowl, the Patriots were not able to overcome the efforts of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Pats added a few big pieces to their defense and now look ready to once again vie for a trip to the big game.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last season, the Eagles surprised many people by winning the division and advancing to the playoffs. Once they arrived, the loss of quarterback Carson Wentz was thought to be the end for the team. However, they were able to rally behind QB Nick Foles who on the Super Bowl MVP during the team’s championship win. This year, the Eagles will open up with Foles at QB. The Eagles, who are ranked number 3 overall, will have a big decision to make once Wentz comes back.

San Francisco 49ers

One of the toughest teams to judge for this upcoming year are the 49ers, which are ranked number 9 in the league. Last year the 49ers started out 1-10, but one their last five games after trading for Jimmy Garoppolo. The team also made some key additions to their defense.

Buffalo Bills

While there are many top teams that people are excited about, the NFL power rankings also show that there are a variety of teams that may not do as well. The Buffalo Bills are one very interesting team that people seem to believe will struggle. During the prior season, the Bills surprised many people by making the playoffs for the first time in about 20 years. While they continue to have a good defense this year, many are concerned about the offense. The Bills, which are ranked 32nd in the power rankings, lost their starting quarterback to free agency and have not found a good replacement yet.

Seattle Seahawks

Another team that is ranked near the bottom of the league is the Seattle Seahawks, who are ranked number 28 overall. At this point it is hard to believe that Seattle has fallen as far as they have. While the Seahawks are just a few years removed from the Super Bowl, the team does not seem like it has done a good job retaining and replacing top talent. They now have a defense that is just a shell of its prior self and the offense is dealing with a variety of key injuries.