By   John Ferguson

Each week we are going to be taking a look at a few players or situations that should be on your fantasy football watchlist. These players/situations will be a combination of a few things.

Some will be potential rising stars with low ownership percentages that could become hot names on the waiver wire in coming weeks that you can grab now. Some will be muddy situations we are hoping to shed some light on and get clarity in the coming weeks.

Other situations will be analyzing trends as the season goes on to determine what the most probable future outcome will be for a player’s value and if you should consider buying low, selling high, holding or dropping after the coming weeks performance. Here are our players to monitor for the Week 5 Watchlist:

Seattle Seahawks Backfield

Just as Chris Carson had comfortably put himself in a firm position as the lead back for the Seattle Seahawks, he had to go and get himself hurt. There is a big opportunity up for grabs here and it forces us fantasy football enthusiasts to direct our attention once again to who can turn the lemon that is the Seahawks offensive line into lemonade.

Eddie Lacy had the first crack at the job last week as Thomas Rawls sat out as a healthy scratch. The reasoning behind the move seemed to be because of the fact that C.J. Prosise also was ruled out and that Lacy offered more in the passing game than Rawls did. If that was a factual statement by the Seahawks, and their moves back it up, then you would think Lacy should be the favorite for lead back duties as he offers a broader skill set.

Enter, Thomas Rawls. Coach, Pete Carroll, mentioned in an interview that he now sees Rawls getting the first crack at duties as the Seahawks lead back. Carroll has always had a tendency to see everything in a positive light, so you can only take what he has to say as coach talk to float a players ego. But you can’t ignore the fact that Rawls will get some run this Sunday against the Rams worst ranked run defense as well. But lets make things more confusing.

Enter, J.D. MicKissic. McKissic is a converted wide receiver who is looking to throw his hat into the mix of players deserving of carries in the Seahawks backfield. While you would think the situation is overcrowded already as is without McKissic, throw in the fact that he somehow managed to score two touchdowns on Sunday Night Football and you have yourself a full blown mess.

It is anyones guess exactly how this backfield turns out and while Lacy and Rawls are the favorites entering Week 5, whose to say neither of them make a statement and lose work to McKissic? Or worse, whose to say this doesn’t just turn into a hot mess of hot hand approaches week in and week out where no one is a safe bet for fantasy purposes? There are a lot of questions to be answered here and honestly, probably more questions than what can be answered in only one week of action. Keep a close eye on the backfield as someone has the potential to break out and offer RB2 value on a weekly basis. The question however is still, who?





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