Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Never at any point did I felt it got so bad for the Packers that we’d have to consider Rodgers for a Sit/Start. Now he’s had some bad matchups, for sure, and he usually throws his way out of them. But not this season. The turnovers are next to nil, which is great considering that he’s been playing on one bad wheel the entire season. But 21 touchdowns with a month to go in the season is not what we consider typical results. The firing of former head coach Mike McCarthy also adds more question marks, but here we are looking at a great matchup against a bad secondary and it’s tough not to think Rodgers will pull this one out. The team may be out of the playoff race, but Rodgers continues to throw the ball at a high clip and the Falcons strike me as a matchup that can quiet the storm brewing over Lambeau Field.