C.J. Anderson, Detroit Lions

Current ADP: 14.07
Sleeper Type: Gone but not forgotten

Yes, Anderson is still in the league and is entering that class of aging backs with the likes of Gore, Peterson and McCoy. But he’s only 28 and a running back that was brought on board to help the Lions, a team that says they’re committed to running the ball. Kerryon Johnson is no doubt the starter, but whether or not he gets all the carries is another thing. Lions OC Darrel Bevell is going to have to decide how much they want to use Johnson and split carries with Anderson, especially in the red zone. Last season the Lions didn’t have a back to compliment or truly back up Johnson. Anderson changes that.

The thing with Anderson is that it’s no mystery what the team is doing when he comes in. He is primarily a run-only kind of guy, but we’ll see if the Lions are committed to run, like the Seahawks or if it’s just talk. If they truly are though, Anderson could get more work than what most outsiders are thinking. He’s not simply a plug and play when Johnson goes down, Anderson stands to get some carries while Johnson is healthy too.