Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks

Current ADP: 8.02
Sleeper Type: The Reliable Handcuff

I’m not a fan of using a valuable roster spot for a handcuff, personally, although there are a few scenarios where it’s a must this season (Austin Ekeler, Tony Pollard). I’m more of a blind handcuff kind of guy though especially in scenarios where you know the team’s tendencies. So, why is Penny such a reliable selection? It’s not like he is head and shoulders above other backups, right? It’s simple, the Seahawks LOVE to run.

They are committed to running the ball 30-40+ times a game, stubbornly at times. When most teams struggle to get 30 carries, and are falling in love with the pass, the Seahawks run, run, and pound the ball some more. So if Chris Carson goes down, on sheer volume alone, Penny would get some serious carries and with his 4.9 yards per carry average, he has the potential to get you well over 80.0 rushing yards per game.