Do you have your draft on the final weekend of training camp? If the answer is yes, then you can prepare and you can take the following advice to tweak your Week 1 roster. If the answer is no, then there’s a chance you may have you been snake-bitten by the retirement of Andrew Luck or have Colts players affected by the news, or perhaps Lamar Miller’s torn ACL leaves you looking for a solid RB2? Grade A-B talent is hard to find in the waiver wires but there are always diamonds in the rough if you’re patient or have the roster bench deep enough to stash a sleeper or two, and the value is always good when you get guys this good late. Today, we will look at Fantasy Football Running Back Sleepers for the 2019 season.

There are some significant questions heading into the 2019 season as owners prepare for their drafts or tweak their Week 1 rosters. Le’Veon Bell’s holdout of the entire 2018 has owners walking on eggshells when it comes to the Chargers’ Melvin Gordon and the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott and their holdouts. The aforementioned injuries to Miller and lingering ones for Jerrick McKinnon hurt the back end of the position that’s already thin to begin with. There are obvious handcuffs like Austin Ekeler, and rookies like David Montgomery but beyond that, where are the real gems?

True sleepers at this position are ones who present more upside as the season goes on, even if they don’t show it right now. Sometimes, patience is rewarded, especially in fantasy and if you have the bench space, then you’ve got to have a plan B in place because backs are one play away from coming onto the field or leaving.

Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles

Curerent ADP: 5.09
Sleeper Type: Big Upside

Okay, Sanders isn’t the greatest “sleeper” choice. At this high of an ADP, he’s hardly getting by many folks watching the Eagles’ RB situation. Still, I want to stress to those that aren’t paying attention that Sanders is the upside guy this season and if Jordan Howard’s comparative ADP of 9.01 is any indication of how Sanders is trending, most can read the tea leaves. So what’s to like?

The Penn State back is not the second coming of Saquon Barkely but he did play behind him. But Sanders has all the necessary tools to stay on the field. He is elusive and being able to shed tacklers is the most admired skill in an NFL running back. He has also shown in the preseason the ability to pick up the blitz, which makes him a three-down back candidate. If there’s a knock on Sanders, it’s his ball security as he had 10 fumbles over three seasons, losing seven of them.

With the effort put in to adding Howard, there’s a committee at the very least, but eventually, the Eagles will find it hard to come up with reasons to keep Sanders on the sidelines. Should that day come, don’t be surprised if the Eagles use Howard as the 4th quarter closer, similar to how they used LeGarrette Blount in 2017.