Truthfully, the 2020 NFL season is still up in the air, but until we know for sure, we will roll through our prep work heading into drafts, because we could all use a bit of normalcy, right? The off-season and draft played out in perfection, albeit virtually, and there are many new faces and big names that have switch teams and shifted the strength of the league–at least on paper.

While we wait to see if the NFL training camp bubble will work, a mocking we will go. I was invited to an industry expert mock and I’ll break thoroughly what I was thinking for each pick, how I was second guessing my picks and what surprised me in each round looking back. (*Numbers in parenthesis is where player was selected overall)


It was a 12-team one-point PPR snake draft and I was picking 5th, which according to Powerplay in Canada isn’t an ideal draft spot, then alternating in the 7th spot after the turn, then repeat that cycle until 16 rounds were done. I knew that I would be in position to get what would likely be the last elite running back on the board, or an elite receiver. As expected, Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, and Ezekiel Elliott went 1-2-3. While you could debate the order of those three, in a PPR, those are likely the top three backs.

I was feeling good in my 5 spot, because I do like having a choice. Being a top three pick truly locks you into one of those backs and the likelihood of missing out on an elite receiver is out. Then you spend the rest of the season hoping these workhorses can stay healthy.

With my pick coming up, I was expecting to have a tough decision. Choose Dalvin Cook (1.4) who is threatening a holdout, the one-dimensional bell cow Derrick Henry (1.7), or look at which top receiver to draft. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to make that decision as Cook was taken ahead of me and I had Alvin Kamara (1.5) fall to me. With his ability to catch and run and at times, dominate a game, I was more than pleased and wondered now who would be left after 14 picks go by.

Second Guesses: I really had my eyes set on Michael Thomas (1.6) or DeAndre Hopkins (1.9) with my pick seconds before Cook was picked. Doing so would have forced me to go RB in the second and potentially in the third depending on who I get. Thomas is a point producer in PPR leagues regardless if Drew Brees throws to him or if Jameis Winston needs to fill in.

Surprise: Kenyan Drake (1.12) went at the last pick in the round, which I thought was a little high for him. I know folks are excited with the way he ended the 2019 season but I expect Kyler Murray to look downfield more with his receivers getting an upgrade.