Who to start and who to sit? It’s the one question you need to answer right in order to do well in fantasy football. You won’t get it right every time but at Bruno Boys we help you work through those tougher decisions to make an informed and confident starting lineup.

Our Team Defense or Defense and Special Teams (DST) Starts and Sits look specifically at which defenses you can start or stream, and the ones you can bench or leave in free agency.

Team defenses often encompass a number of things like the opposing offense, game scripts, injuries, and whether a mismatch is big enough to shift the tide one way or another. We will rarely talk about points allowed because most NFL teams can score over 20 points in a game. Points allowed are a phantom stat that disappears the minute the opposing team scores.

We do want to note matchups that could be lopsided; show which offenses are singing as opposed to those that are drowning. No matter how good a defense is, sometimes, it’s just not enough to stop a juggernaut. Those too stubborn to realize their defense is already dead in the water, wonder how their defense let them down.

Here are the Week 7 Fantasy Football Team Defenses to Sit.

Chicago Bears Team Defense at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I know that a lot of the focus on the Bears has been who starts at quarterback. It’s the thing that holds this team back. However, the Bears have played defense that’s been worthy of finishing in the top six three times out of the last five games. While they managed to hold the fort against some surprising offenses, they did not fare well against the Rams or Packers due to great quarterback play.

Watching the Bears struggle against Aaron Rodgers, makes us believe the Bucs with Tom Brady will not be any easier of a task. The Bucs haven’t allowed an opposing defense to score more than three miserable points since Week 1.

Tampa was one-dimensional, bludgeoning defenses with the pass. Now they are successful running the ball with Leonard Fournette too. That kind of balance will keep the Bears on their heels instead of being aggressive. It’s that physical play though that causes turnovers and the Bucs just don’t give up very many of those.