Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals

Every week I get a feeling where there’s a perfect storm for a kicker to reach double-digit fantasy points. This is one of them. Crosby is coming in warming up, having converted multiple field goals in two straight games. He was clutch against the 49ers in Week 3 including two from down deep. That can escalate any score in a heartbeat and even though no kicker has been able to reach that 10.0 point plateau against the Bengals, Crosby should have the opportunities to do so.

Quick Kicks

Younghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets — This is a game of two bad teams heading over to England. No one knows what to expect and whether or not a veteran with no healthy receivers can outplay a rookie with veteran receivers. That said, the Jets have given up three huge games in a row to opposing kickers, with each of them converting three or four field goals, two each from 40-49 yard range.

Chase McLaughlin, Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers — This game could be a nailbiter and come down to some big kicks from long distance. The Browns’ confidence in McLaughlin has increased in past weeks. They might need him this week especially if Baker Mayfield’s play is not good enough to seal the deal.