Who to start and who to sit? That’s the question that plagues everyone who plays fantasy football on a weekly basis? It’s the question that leaves players anguishing in tears and second-guessing. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but there’s some truth to it.

Honestly, it’s the one question you need to answer right in order to do well in this crazy game of fantasy. Will you get it right all the time? No, because football will surprise, especially if you buy into the adage: On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team. But relax, we’re here to help you work through those decisions with as much information as you need to be confident in a decision you can stand by.

Here are the Week 1 Fantasy Football Kickers to Start.

Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns

The upstart team (Browns) usually needs a few cracks at the champs, and doesn’t play as crisp as they want to the first time around. Call it nerves, a mental block, or whatever you want. Win or lose, the Browns are probably going to let a few opportunities slide by. Field goals instead of touchdowns. Oh-so-close interceptions. Sacks that are just outside of the reach.

We expect a high scoring affair but also both kickers to be involved. And while the Browns might be without Chase McLaughlin, who is nursing a sore hamstring (could be a very key injury), Butker is a reliable placekicker who will either keep the Chiefs within striking range or keep the lead out of reach.