Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs

I’ve avoided kickers in the playoff because there hasn’t been a standout matchup or situation to think that any one would get enough opportunities that you’d have to consider them. Robbie Gould has turned in two straight performances though and could have an edge, if we’re talking about volume. However, Butker is looking better and better to consider as a flex. When the Chiefs get in Butker’s range, Andy Reid should be considering what his chances at moving the ball against this defense are. The Chiefs could stall as they get closer and might not get enough big plays to get into the end zone. Still, it’s hard to believe that this Chiefs offense can’t get close enough to kick field goals.

Butker hasn’t been a factor in the playoffs as much as Robbie Gould, but then again the Chiefs have been lighting up the scoreboard scoring touchdowns. Butker has missed just four field goals all season, three of which were over 50 yards. He’s still 50 percent from beyond 50 though with a season-long 56-yarder under his belt. While Gould has been money in the playoffs, he’s missed eight field goals in the regular season and has yet to make one beyond 47 yards.