Fantasy Football is back and the 2020 NFL season is in full bloom and in what’s already been a crazy year for all, we at Bruno Boys can say that we are glad to see the first week of games kickoff of what is sure to be an equally eventful season of offering advice to all of you. Hopefully, we can see this through all 17 weeks of the season. While we can’t say that football will alleviate the struggles many of us are facing, hopefully it can offer an escape and taste of normalcy in your fall season. There is little doubt that this will be a season that will chart new territory and circumstances. So let’s get to it!

If you’re a returning reader to Bruno Boys, welcome back and if you’re new, our Start and Sit position articles span the matchup plays each week, and we circle those borderline, flex decisions and give you confidence in those choices based off of how we see the matchup playing out that week. We’re more than happy to point out a few chalky plays at the end, but in the write-ups, we try to explain our reasoning as to why we are giving that recommendation.

In this article, we are looking at the all important position, Wide Receivers, which is the anchor position for many teams out there, since some rosters require at least three receivers to start. They can also be the pivotal flex play if they’re in the right matchup. Let’s see which ones look to have favorable matchups in Week 1.

Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Chargers
Of all of the receivers Joe Burrows is going to utilize the most, it’s Boyd. Whether it’s the hot read, the safety valve, the quick slant, all of those devices that’s going to help the rookie quarterback establish a rhythm and get out of bad stretches is going to start with Boyd. He’s in a favorable matchup against the soft spot of the Chargers defense too. Even if the Bengals get blown out in Week 1, Boys should have numbers.