PPR ALERT: Travis Fulgham, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are not a great matchup for receivers but looking at how some receivers have fared, Fulgham can still score some significant points to justify the flex start. Carson Wentz can be fixated on a single receiver and will turn to him even when the defense is keying on him. He did it with Fulgham last week against an arguably tougher defense on him and he used to do with Zach Ertz in the past. Key words are “used to.”

So Wentz has a way of getting his man his receptions. It’s similar to how Terry McLaurin caught 10 passes for 118 yards on the Ravens in Week 4. Or how each of the Chiefs’ top three receivers had at least 60 yards receiving. Scoring will undoubtedly difficult. Only Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman have been able to do it in 2020. But Wentz isn’t throwing to anyone else.