Alabama quarterback Mac Jones could have gone as high as the third pick overall but he slid to the Patriots without the need to maneuver up the board. Jones led the Crimson Tide to a National Championship with a star-studded offense around him.

Bill Belichick’s close ties to Alabama’s Nick Saban cannot be overlooked. There was little chance Jones would slip past the Patriots given their big need at quarterback.

Bruno Boys Hot Take

Cam Newton feels like the one carry over from the 2020 offense in New England. Actually all the running backs return too but they are an unspectacular bunch.

The Patriots have spent an incredible amount of money retooling their team and the changes are a plenty. Starting with the retirement of Julian Edelman, the Patriots have upgraded their receivers with the free agent additions of Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne, their tight ends with Jon Smith and Hunter Henry.

This team has had so many changes it is hard to tell where any of them rank in their positions. Newton should be secure in his starting position but if there’s one quarterback who is ready to step in as the starter in Week 1, Mac Jones is it.