Week 2 of the 2019 season is done, and now we get another week of games to add to our information about each of these teams. Was Week 1 the beginning of trends or just an outlier? Does Week 2 strengthen your thoughts on your players or present more questions?

Just remember, we are just two weeks into the season and many of the strange things we saw this past weekend will pass, and we will never see some things again. Others could be a sign of patterns setting in, tendencies being established and roles being locked down.

There are some key things to be gathered in every game and the following is what we should take away from this past weekend.

1. Buccaneers 20, Panthers 14

CAR – Telling signs that this will be a down year for Cam Newton are setting in. He’s not running like he has been and his throws are off target. The line can protect better but it doesn’t excuse some of the poor decision-making by Newton. Also, even Christian McCaffery can feel the sting of fatigue from a shortened week.

TAM – Bucs Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles’ defense made a turnaround from Week 1, led by Vernon Hargreaves. Jameis Winston had no turnovers and what a difference it made–it’s going to be a week-to-week roller coaster ride. After splitting the timeshare last week against the Niners, Peyton Barber took control, with 23 carries to Ronald Jones’ four.

2. Colts 19, Titans 17

TEN – To steal a quote from Delanie Walker who stole it from the late Denny Green, the Titans are who we thought they were. And when their defense isn’t creating extra opportunities for them, they are as unimaginative and uninspiring as offenses go.

IND – It’s not going to be pretty, but this is how the Colts are going to win games. Not necessarily by filling the stat sheet, but by just executing whenever they have their chances. T.Y. Hilton, Eric Ebron will continue to be go to players when they need a play but Jacoby Brissett will be redefining what is a successful stint as the Colts quarterback.

3. Ravens 23, Cardinals 17

BAL – Now this is the kind of game we’re used to seeing from Lamar Jackson; we will see what we get more of as the weeks continue but he will continue to be a dual threat and will likely run more against better defenses. As expected, Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews dominated the targets, 22 between the two of them. The rest of the team combined for 13. Over the first two weeks, Brown and Andrews have 35 targets, while eight others have 28 total.

ARI – Another comeback that fell short this time, as Kyler Murray got numbers but at the cost of David Johnson’s usage who had just eight touches, 14 yards rushing and a touchdown. Murray has started the season with two 300-yard games, so that shouldn’t be overlooked. With five receptions for 104 yards on 11 targets, Larry Fitzgerald continues to be very much in the mix.