Week 1 of the 2019 season is done, so are you happy? Are you angry? Are you panicking? Are you satisfied with your team or ready to scrap it completely? There were surprises, letdowns and some very bizarre results, but these things happen when starters are held out from the entire preseason.

Just remember, we are just one week into the season and many of the strange things we saw this past weekend will pass, and we will never see some things again.

However, there are some key things to be gathered in every game and the following is what we should take away from this past weekend.

1. Green Bay Packers 10, Chicago Bears 3

GBP – Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine dialed up a great scheme on the Bears, so much so that they deserve to be in the conversation of fantasy-worthy team defenses. The offense requires more reps.

CHI – Tariq Cohen has a new position, targeted 10 times and lined up numerous times in the slot and didn’t have one carry in the game. Also Allen Robinson looked deadly again, catching 7 of 13 targets.

2. Tennessee Titans 43, Cleveland Browns 13

TEN – Playmakers who help out Marcus Mariota continue to be Derrick Henry and Delanie Walker, but rookie A.J. Brown big play threat helps. Also, so much focus is on the Titans’ offense, but it’s their defense that is their true strength.

CLE – Self-inflicted wounds show the Browns still have a ways to go before they get to where many imagine where they’ll end up. But unfortunately we only caught glimpses of the caliber of play we’re expecting to see. If you had any of the marquee players, be patient and see how they respond on Monday night against the Jets.

3. Ravens 59, Dolphins 10

BAL – This feels like it shows just how bad the Dolphins are versus how good the Ravens are, but we got to see Lamar Jackson the passer light it up and find favorite targets in rookie Marquise Brown and tight end Mark Andrews.

MIA – Before too long, the Ravens left the Dolphins far behind, and Miami abandoned the run game. Unfortunately their pass game was just as ugly. It’s going to be a long season, South Beach.