Jared Cook, New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans

A look at Cook’s career and one would think it should be more impressive when you consider he’s played with Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr and many others, but he has never been in an offense or with a quarterback who looks to throw to his tight end on a regular basis. That changes this season when Drew Brees finally gets a tight end who not only can catch the ball, but is also a bit more spry than some of the past tight ends the Saints have had in the clubhouse. He’s already been an instant hit too in training camp and expects to be one of Brees’ main targets in 2019. They’ll be matched up against the Texans who have lost some key defensive players and were also unable to slow down the position, giving up 94 receptions, 1078 yards and nine touchdowns to tight ends alone in 2018.