Eric Ebron, Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers

Many feared that the Colts receivers would take a nose dive with the retirement of Andrew Luck. I don’t think we’ll see that big of a nose dive with T.Y. Hilton and certainly not Ebron who is as sure a safety valve for Brissett as he was for Luck. Devin Funchess and Parris Campbell are going to come along as Brissett sees fit and the backfield will be as busy as ever, but I understand the pull back. To me, Ebron’s role doesn’t change, but perhaps the frequency in the red zone is down early on, but I am not worried at his production at all.

Now, while the Chargers did not give up a lot of yards and touchdowns to the tight end, opposing teams did target their tight ends plenty against them, to the tune of 121 times, which was good enough to be tied for 6th-most. Let’s not also forget too that the Chargers lost their bright young safety Derwin James to a stress fracture in his right foot, so Ebron may be running around more freely than he would have last season.