We are officially at the one quarter mark of the season and it’s serious now. Go on a roll and put some distance between you and your opponents. Or perhaps you need to make ground, after a slow start? The second month of the season is a crucial one and yes, there are byes every week to complicate matters.

Seasoned fantasy players know about the studs and chalky plays so at Bruno Boys we try to help wade through the matchups on those tougher decisions, or point out when there’s a great matchup that you should go all-in on.

Still, we feel very strong about these recommendations and you should use them to help guide you to your starting lineup.

Here are your Week 5 Fantasy Football Tight Ends to Sit.

O.J. Howard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

With Jameis Winston on fire of late, you’d think that Howard would be getting a piece of that. Well, not enough of it. In this two-game offensive burst by the Bucs, Howard has caught 6-of-7 passes for 99 yards, meanwhile, Cameron Brate continues to get the touchdowns between the two, with less yards. Either way, I’m convinced that Winston will perform at best, average against the Saints while we haven’t seen enough out of Howard in this offense to make him a fantasy starter.