Week 11 has begun with a bang, or is it a swing of a helmet? We’re nearly done with the byes, with four teams on break: Green Bay, New York Giants, Seattle, Tennessee which takes out some quality running backs, some big time quarterbacks and some major receivers. Those holes need to be filled, hopefully with players on the bench but do they have the matchups? Luckily, that’s what we’re here for to help you set your lineups.

Seasoned fantasy players know about the studs and chalky plays so at Bruno Boys we try to help wade through the matchups on those tougher decisions, or point out when there’s a great matchup that you should go all-in on.

Still, we feel very strong about these recommendations and you should use them to help guide you to your starting lineup.

Here are your Week 11 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Sit.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Carolina is an underrated defense. They’ve allowed some big games go by quarterbacks but only off of yardage. The most any one quarterback has scored against the Panthers is two touchdowns. Some have needed a mix of run and pass, while gunslingers like Kyler Murray and Gardner Minshew did it through the air. But no quarterback has yet to score three touchdowns and we know that Ryan isn’t the type to scramble. If you can score enough on yards alone, then Ryan has put up a lot of 300-yard games and could do it again, but if the game is to score, we don’t like his chances.