Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens

Henry blasted through the league’s best run defense last week and the Titans wisely fed him the ball until his legs fell off, and he still kept running. I’m exaggerating but really, I’m not. This is not an indictment of Ryan Tannehill, Henry is just that hard to bring down and why give Tannehill opportunities to make a mistake when, even against the Ravens, Henry’s the best offensive option. Tannehill would be playing it very risky throwing against this secondary but I can’t imagine it will be worse than last week.

Now, there might be more opportunities to throw thanks to Henry’s running in play action, but we’ll consider it something we’ll see when Tannehill reads that it’s best to strike. Other running backs have done plenty of damage to the Ravens’ defense as long as they are committed, which last week proved the Titans are all in on where Henry can take them.