Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans

Look for the second quarter to be the one to watch if you’re going to tune into this game. The Chiefs have scored 17 touchdowns in the second quarter, 29 touchdowns in all of the other quarters combined. Their 1,751 passing yards in that quarter accounts for 37.3 percent of their total passing yards. The 1,240 in the first quarter is second with 26.4 percent.

If the Titans can take the best that Kansas City gives them by halftime expect this game to be tight. The Titans have a good secondary but the you never know when the Chiefs can flip a switch like last week. Of the four quarterbacks left, Mahomes is the one with the best matchup and the one most likely to put his team on his back and win the game with his arm. Mahomes is a massive, chalky play and is expensive ($9,500 on Fanduel) but is likely to net you the best output for a QB in these championship games whereas a potential defensive game is likely in the NFC.